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Live streams will allow you to sell real estate
online all over the world
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800,000 real clients will watch real estate
in the UAE on our website for 12 months
We show UAE properties to clients via live streams around the world in 30 seconds
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How Theeye works?
Client chooses a property
Сlient from anywhere in the world
chooses a property on Theeye
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The client clicks the Watch now button
and waits for the stream
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Stream begins
Your sales manager answers the video
call and tells developer the property
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Now you can do broker tours every day around the world for free
No need to go anywhere, we have over 2 million real estate agencies
from 193 countries in our database
You have a new launch
You invite 20-30 real estate agencies in any country with one click
Your sales manager is streaming live directly from the office
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Designate a sales manager to communicate with clients
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Why stream in real estate?
We accelerate the global
real estate market with live
In the future, it will be possible to buy and sell real estate online,
and the quality of live broadcasts will come closer to reality
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